Bonn American Protestant Church

Kennedyallee 150, 53175, Bonn

We are a Protestant church in style, but we welcome all denominations, no matter what your Christian background. APC is an international family, building strong bonds which oftentimes last for a lifetime. Over time, our church family has spread all over the world. We always were and are a church in transition, because many of our members stay in Bonn only for a temporary assignment. APC is even more a focal point for them: People come here to meet others who speak English, to get to know people after moving to Bonn, to see friends and to find new ones, and of course to worship together. We hope that everyone who comes to us for the first time feels the warmth and openness that is part of our nature.

We seek to be engaged locally and around the world, to listen and to learn, to embody justice and compassion, and to share the love of Jesus Christ in tangible ways as we journey together. We look forward to meeting you!

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