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Why? Data changes. And so does the data on this website, or even worse…. it does get outdated after a while. That’s why we do check every entry again and again periodically (correct, that’s a lot of work, we know) and even than we can’t be 100% sure if it’s still OK.  So if you copy data from our website to another website, you could copy data that is not correct (anymore) and we do not want to endorse that. So please, do your own homework, just as we do and did do in the past, and create your own. Not by “copy and paste”, but by checking and entering all the data yourself. That’s the only way you can be sure that you put quality online, not quantity.

The other “problem” is that most of the entries on this page are done by the Churches themselves. It’s their church, and its their data. A church can change, and so does their data. So, in the end, what is written about a church is more or less not even ours, its theirs. They can change all the data on our website about their church themselves, anywhere, anytime. When they do that, “your” website does not get updated and so your website will have wrong data on it. We don’t think that is a good idea…do you?